Iztech Kart Seats

Iztech Kart Seats


Iztech Kart Seats are constructed with state of the art composites to provide maximum race performance with superior comfort to allow you to drive at your best.


As soon as Iztech seats hit the market in 2007 they immediately landed astonishing results, with Iztech composite seats and floor trays bringing notable performance advantages to British cadet champion George Russell and title contender Matthew Graham in the world's most competitive cadet racing series.

Iztech seats are now found on a high proportion of succesful cadet karts, because of their 'release' characteristic. 


Iztech seats are also highly effective in the KF classes, Rotax Pro kart TKM and virtually any other make of kart.

See below for the IZ1 & IZ3 range of seats which come in 8 different sizes


Small (Low Back)





Extra Large



Seats are also available with quarter covered options a range of exotic materials and several flexibility options.


 A full range of standard IZ1 and IZ3 seats are kept in stock but please allow 3 - 5 days for custom built seats.




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